I work in the of language combinations German-Spanish and English-Spanish and I offer the following services:

General translations. I translate texts of informative nature, teaching materials, instructions for consumer goods (toys, small appliances…), tourism brochures, letters, newspaper articles and other non-specialized texts.

Medical and pharmaceutical translations. Medical translation is one of my strengths and I translate multiple kinds of texts in this field:

Laboratory assays: screening tests, quantitative and qualitative analyses…

Clinical trials: studies about drugs, studies or comparisons of treatments for a disease, assessments of safety and effectiveness parameters of a drug or treatment…

Texts aimed at regulatory authorities.

Information sheets and informed consent statements addressed to patients who are going to participate in a clinical trial or undergo a surgical intervention.

Summaries of product characteristics (SPCs) and package leaflets, always according to the templates set out by the European Medicines Agengy (EMA).

Medical reports and opinions of all kinds: discharge from hospital, reports for insurance companies, referrals to another doctor…

E-learning courses aimed at healthcare professionals from different fields.

Catalogues, brochures and instruction manuals of medical devices, such as surgical instruments, imaging devices, sterilizers, dental chairs, operating tables, surgical lamps, software instructions for medical equipment, dental implants, surgical implants, pacemakers, hearing aids, ophthalmology equipment, laboratory products, glucose meters, insulin pens…

Instructions for techniques and procedures (surgical interventions, cleaning, disinfection and sterilization processes…).

Technical and specialized translations. In this field, I translate texts of different nature, including the following:

Brochures and instruction manuals for different equipment and industrial machines, such as labellers, packers, stackers, water and gas leak detectors, heating boilers, compressors, metrology systems, granulators, milking systems…

Brochures and instruction manuals of agricultural machinery: tractors, trailers, tools, mowers, combines…

Operating manuals of CAD programs


European standards (DIN, VDE…)

Rules and regulations related to the internal procedures of various types of companies, especially regarding quality management processes or manufacturer’s inspections

Technical data sheets for different equipment and machines

Software localization. I do not only translate the operating instructions of the software of different machines and equipment, but also its user interface. I have adequate tools to do this and, of course, I am used to the length limitations that exist in this type of translation and I know the signs that must be used to mark in the translatable text the letters that will be the shortcut keys in the compiled program.

Review. When I review already made translations, I follow a slightly different method to which the one I use to translate. I am aware that reviewing is a task with very specific characteristics and that this does not mean adapting the text to one’s personal taste or style. I check already made translations, comparing them with the original and considering aspects such as content, style, grammar, punctuation, spelling and recipients of the text. Therefore, I only correct factual errors (either spelling, grammar, punctuation or translation), the points that can jeopardize the understanding of the whole, too literal formulations that affect the readability of the target text and the use of terms or expressions that are not suitable for the audience of the translation.

Assessment. In this case, I do not offer a translation service itself, but a second opinion in which, completely free of charge, I confirm upon request if the delivered translation meets the requirements of a professional translation. If this is not the case, I prepare a brief report explaining the errors and the points that could or should be improved or corrected.